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Avril Lavigne Biography

Avril Ramona Lavigne was a frumpy teen who spent her early life on a farm house in remote town in Canada and spent most of her time playing with the boys and doing nothing that girls her age enjoyed. Judy and John Lavigne bore her on September 27 1984 in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. The prairie girl played hockey, baseball, football and any rough sport she could think of. She easily passed for a boy in her baggy clothes and unkempt hair though this was the least of her worries then. The only thing that easily identified Lavigne as a girl was her singing, a talent that she initially kept hidden from her family and peers.

She did not keep it up for long and the desire to take up music as a career won over her tomboy instincts and soon she was going with her mother to perform in church, school and anywhere else that people were willing to listen. She could not afford vocal lessons, besides being in a quiet farm town no one had thought of setting up a music school. Her coaching was self-taught with the aid of a karaoke machine she had received from her parents.

Lavigne wrote her life experiences as a rebellious teen into lyrics that she performed in her neighbourhood. Her songs also encourage people to follow their dreams and have high self-esteem. The talented teen got her break in 1999 when a talent scout from Arista Records was informed of the small town girl talent he looked for Lavigne and introduced her to the recording label where she was immediately signed up. She took up the stage name Avril Lavigne after dropping her middle name.

The deal came with an attractive two million dollars and Lavigne immediately quit school and moved to Los Angeles to start her career. A couple of not so successful country hits and Lavigne released the hit single ‘Complicated’ from her 2002 ‘Let Go’ album. ‘Complicated’ rocked music charts and sold the album over one million copies in the US and UK. She had successfully put her mark on entertainment as a rock artist.

‘Under My Skin’ and ‘The Best Damned Thing’ were the star’s second and third albums and they went on air in 2004 and 2007 respectively. Both albums reached platinum status, topped Billboard music charts for weeks and grossed the singer millions of dollars in returns. She was voted one of the wealthiest teen celebrities on People Magazine’s polls.

Hit singles from these albums include ‘My Happy Ending’, ‘Girlfriend’, ‘Sk8r Boi’ and ‘I’m With You’. The singer is currently working on a new album titled ‘Goodbye Lullaby’ and it will hit the airwaves in 2011. The Recording Industry Association of America, RIAA rated Lavigne a multi-platinum artist after she sold more than 30 million albums all over the world.

Avril is a multi-instrumentalist and is an accomplished piano, drums and guitar player. She has two perfume lines, The Forbidden Rose and Black Star as well as a fashion line is called Abbey Dawn.

She is a humanitarian and has organised fund-raisers for children afflicted by war and HIV/AIDS. Proceeds from some of her albums have been channelled to Amnesty International to support people in conflict regions around the world.

Avril Lavigne

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Birth Name
Avril Ramona Lavigne

Date Of Birth

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