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Lauren Conrad
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Gerard Way Biography

Before Gerard Arthur Way joined the music industry in 2001 he was an avid fan of roc music especially that which was played by his all-time favourite band, Bon Jovi. Today he is the lead and founder of his own band after living up to a childhood dream of becoming a musician.

Way was born on April 9 1977 in Summit, New Jersey, USA. He was brought up by his parents Donald Way and Donna Lee Rush in a fairly comfortable childhood. Way always had the support of his parents in anything that he chose to do. From the time that he was a child he was drawn to singing and this he did in most of his school performances. Way's talent was obvious from the onset and his parents encouraged him on to singing by showing up for each and every one of his acts. Not only did he get support from his mother and father but his grandmother was instrumental by giving him the tips and trick to becoming good at art. Way was educated at the Belleville High School in New Jersey and later on he took up classes for an Arts major at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Another talent that Way had from the time he was a child was drawing, he would come up with stories that were put up entirely in a comic book.

Both talents were of interest to Way but for him music took the definite lead. During his high school years he started performing with a band that was named My Chemical Romance. Way was the lead singer and the founder of the band. Together with his friends from school and with his brother the band performed to New York audiences and in no time their fame had grown tremendously. This was a relief to Way who had previously moved from one unsuccessful band to another. During the times that the band was slowly gaining fame Way worked on his second passion of writing comic books so that he could make a living in the expensive New York life.

Way's music with The Chemical Romance band has not been of pure entertainment alone. He uses the proceeds from his musical works and concerts to aid the needy. In 2008 he gave up the profits from the sales of the single 'Sleep When I'm Dead' to the International Red Cross. In 2009 Way was involved in a musical project which would be of aid to the children suffering in Japan.

Way was applauded in 2007 after the release of his comic book, The Umbrella Academy. This was the peak of his comic writing talent which had been nurtured from the age of 16. Way continues to make releases for his comic books along with collaborating with other writers who share his talent.

From the early times of Way's entry into the music scene he was known for his addiction to alcohol. The condition controlled many years of his life until 2004 when the singer decided to stay sober he has been that way to date.

Gerard Way

Star Facts

Date Of Birth

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New Jersey