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Boy George
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George Alan ODowd

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Jamie Oliver News

26 April 2015   Google News

Jamie Oliver how to chop an onion with kitchen crystals spoof video - Metro

Jamie Oliver loves showing people how to cook pukka food proper. And how are you possibly expected to cook pukka food proper when you can't even chop an onion proper? Fortunately, the formerly Naked Chef is here to show you how to slice and dice an ... more>>>

16 April 2015   Google News

Jamie Oliver calls for a Singapore-style ban on chewing gum in public - The Independent

Jamie Oliver has called for a Singapore-style ban on chewing gum in public after accusing people who spit out the sticky residue of making Britain look like a “bomb site”. Writing a personal manifesto to make the UK a “healthier, happier, cleaner place ... more>>>

12 April 2015   Google News

Jamie Oliver Admits To Telling A Rather Bizarre Lie - Huffington Post UK

Jamie Oliver has admitted that he's been telling a rather big porkie pie for years, stating that - contrary to his own previous statements - he wasn't actually conceived on Southend pier. The cheeky Essex-born chef has made the claim on a number of ... more>>>

9 April 2015   Google News

Failing Jamie Oliver brand gets the chop - Daily Mail

Jamie Oliver recently put his sparring partner Gordon Ramsay's incessant animosity down to being 'deeply jealous' of his success. But is the energetic chef quite the golden boy of British cuisine we're always led to believe? For while the cheeky ... more>>>

6 April 2015   Google News

Jamie Oliver's company: Online 'vlogging' stars must clamp down on junk food ... - The Independent

Online 'vlogging' stars should take care over the adverts that appear with their videos, Jamie Oliver's company has urged, in the wake of controversy over unhealthy foods advertised to children alongside videos by YouTube celebrity Zoella. Chef and ... more>>>

3 April 2015   Google News

Jamie Oliver and wife Jools in London after his Australia and Hong Kong trips - Daily Mail

After a whirlwind trip to the sunny shores of Hong Kong and Australia, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is back home in a slightly chiller UK, where he's been reunited with his wife, Jools. The couple, married since July 2000, were spotted walking arm-in ... more>>>

1 April 2015   Google News

Jamie Oliver: Gordon Ramsay is deeply jealous of me - Telegraph.co.uk

Jamie Oliver says he regrets Gordon Ramsay comments: 'It's not very ... more>>>

31 March 2015   Google News

Jamie Oliver claims Gordon Ramsay is 'deeply jealous' of his success - The Independent

Jamie Oliver has accused Gordon Ramsay of being consumed with envy over his multi-million success, which sees him worth almost twice as much as his Hell's Kitchen peer. Last year, Ramsay ignited a feud with Oliver after he criticised him for not ... more>>>

29 March 2015   Google News

Jamie Oliver weighs in on the controversy surrounding Pete Evans' paleo ... - Daily Mail

But even Jamie Oliver draws the line at the paleo diet for kids as championed by chef Pete Evans. 'There's lots of b******* around at the moment,' Jamie told Daily Mail Australia at Sydney event on Sunday to launch a global petition to provide children ... more>>>

28 March 2015   Google News

Ed Sheeran hangs out with Jamie Oliver, Reece Mastin and more VIP friends ... - Daily Mail

There's no doubt that Ed Sheeran's Sydney concerts are the hottest ticket in town this week. The British crooner has attracted a slew of VIPs to his shows, which on Thursday night included visiting celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. Ed and Jamie were ... more>>>

Jamie Oliver

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Birth Place
United Kingdom