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Jenny Agutter Biography

Jennifer Ann Agutter shares similarities with some of the actors in the modern entertainment scene. First of all she is among the longest serving entertainers after her career started in 1964 she has over 40 years in the industry. Secondly, Agutter, just like some of the celebrities in Hollywood began her career as a child actress mainly as a result of growing up with the influence of show business. However this is as far as it goes with the similarities since this actress has been able to prove her own and she stands as a unique talent that cannot be compared or easily substituted by another.

Agutter was born on December 20 1952 in Taunton, Somerset, England, UK. She was brought up by her parents Derek Brodie Agutter and Catherine Lynam. Agutter’s biggest influence in acting came from her mother who at the time was involved in organising entertainment events on demand. Out of the influence from her mother, she requested that she enrol for dancing classes and these were given with an enrolment at the Elmhurst Ballet School in Taunton, Somerset. Agutter was quickly inducted into the tradition of acting and she was offered numerous roles in theatre productions at the school. This was a prestigious institution and it attracted many film directors who had roles of child actors and actresses. Being a skilled actress, Agutter stood a good chance of being picked for movie roles but these were not forthcoming until she was referred to the directors of the 1964 film and on impressing them filming started.

Aside from this debut role in film Agutter tried out her luck in television by appearing in the series, The Newcomers. The directors of the series were impressed with her talent so much that they turned around their filming schedule so that Agutter would not miss school while she was at the job. Other films that featured the actress included I Start Counting, from 1969 and The Snow Goose, from 1971. In most of the early roles that Agutter took she was given child characters however after growing into the business she was given more mature roles that went well with her age.in 1971 Agutter was the subject of tabloid gossip as she was seen in nude scenes from the 1971 film, Walkabout. The daring performances drew a lot of fans from the actress and in the midst of the positive comments were also negative ones which struck out on the actress claiming that she was too explicit.

Agutter’s fame as an actress did not falter and even into the more recent 2000’s decade she continued to charm her way into the hearts of her fans. Her recent appearances include Spooks and Diamond Geezer, both of which are television series from 2007. In 2011 she will be seen in the film, Outside Bet.

The mother wife and mother of one has managed to keep her personal life from the media choosing to separate her work from her life at home. She avoids being in the limelight over personal affairs.

Jenny Agutter

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Jennifer Ann Agutter

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