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Cameron Diaz
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Jessica Simpson Biography

Jessica Ann Simpson forms one half of the Simpson celebrity pair though she easily passes by the name Jessica Simpson. She was born in a small town celebrity family on July 10 1980 in Abilene, Texas, USA her mother Ann Drew and father Joe Simpson were known by everyone as Joe was the town’s church leader. The Simpson house was always full of guests who visited for fellowships and teachings so growing up Simpson hoped to be a gospel artist. She often sung in front the guests and in the church choir so by the time she got to open concerts for established gospel artists like Cece Winans and Kirk Franklin she was no stranger to the crowds.

Jessica was schooled at the Richardson North Junior High before enrolling at the J.J. Pearce High School in Richardson, Texas. She continued in an active church program that led her to perform her own lyrics in various events in Texas. In 1999 her debut album titled ‘Sweet Kisses’ went on air and earned a top spot on the Billboard music charts but not for long as it was soon forgotten. The follow up album titled ‘Irresistible’ came two years later and the response was overwhelming. With a new and daring image Jessica’s music received a lot of airplay and her sexy image was all over the tabloids.

The good girl had gone bad and the audience was loving it, not all of them though. As a minister’s child the sudden turn-around was bound to raise eyebrows and her original fans from her neighbourhood and church were disappointed with her choices. She had a troubled relationship with her conservative parents who had initially supported her move to music but had not anticipated the turn of events. As if to spite more of her critics Simpson got into an abrupt marriage in 2001 with her boyfriend although many shared the opinion that she was too young. Simpson later separated from her husband.

Controversies surrounding the singer did not end after she was accused of double standards after the release on ‘In This Skin’ and ‘Rejoice: A Christmas Album’ her third and fourth albums respectively in 2004. Although the singer insisted that the some of the music had influences of her Christian background critics were quick to disagree. Some of the lyrics were considered too sexual and vulgar that some radio stations could not play them. In addition to this very revealing videos of the star hit the media in a storm in 2004. She was accused of portraying the Christian girl in a bad image and in her defence Simpson said that true Christians were not supposed to criticise.

Simpson ventured into acting in 2002 where she acted in ‘The Master of Disguise’. She also played in ‘The love Guru’, ‘Blonde ambition’, ‘The dukes of Hazzard’, ‘Employee of the Month’ and ‘Private Valentine’. Guest appearances on television series include ‘Entourage’ and ‘Your Time is Gonna Come’.

She writes occasionally and has her own line of shoes, bags, perfumes and other beauty products.

Jessica Simpson

Star Facts

Birth Name
Jessica Ann Simpson

Date Of Birth

Birth Place
United States