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Michael Douglas
Michael Douglas
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Michael Kirk Douglas

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New Brunswick
New Jersey
United States


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Michael Phelps News

24 January 2015   Google News

Justin Lynch smashes Michael Phelps' records - The News Hub

Certain sporting moments tend to stick in my mind, things that I have seen and can't shake from the dusty recesses of my memory. Things such as Lawrence Taylor rushing from Joe Thiesmann's blind side in a Monday Night Football game, wrapping him up in ... more>>>

22 January 2015   Google News

Boston 2024 Bets Big on Michael Phelps - Swimming World Magazine

BOSTON – Boston 2024 Olympic organizers provided detailed documents regarding its planned 2024 Summer Olympics bid today, and Michael Phelps certainly proved to be a big part of the plans. As seen in the artist rendering above, a gigantic picture of ... more>>>

12 January 2015   Google News

Exclusive: Michael Phelps?s Alleged Ex Taylor Lianne Chandler on Porn Debut ... - Daily Beast

Taylor Chandler on her new adult film Going For the Gold about her alleged sex life with Michael Phelps, and becoming the world's first intersex porn star. Taylor Lianne Chandler made headlines when she “came out” as Olympic gold medalist, Michael ... more>>>

9 January 2015   Google News

Taylor Chandler Claims To Reenact Michael Phelps Affair In 'Going For The ... - Huffington Post

Michael Phelps' alleged ex girlfriend Taylor Chandler shoots her first ... more>>>

8 January 2015   Google News

Michael Phelps' alleged ex girlfriend Taylor Chandler shoots her first ... - Mirror.co.uk

Taylor Chandler Claims To Reenact Michael Phelps Affair In 'Going For The ... more>>>

7 January 2015   Google News

Howard Stern Recap 1/6: Taylor Chandler Opens Up About Michael Phelps ... - Empty Lighthouse Magazine

Taylor Chandler: Michael Phelps' Ex-Girlfriend Considering Staring In Porn ... more>>>

6 January 2015   Google News

Michael Phelps 'Girlfriend' Taylor Chandler Cashes In On 'Relationship' With ... - KpopStarz

Michael Phelps' girlfriend Taylor Chandler is taking the windfall of the extra publicity about her alleged relationship with the Olympic record holder. Apparently, the head honcho of Vivid has offered her a deal to do porno. Like Us on Facebook ... more>>>

30 December 2014   Google News

Michael Phelps and a step-by-step guide to handling a DUI arrest - Eye On Annapolis

PhelpsDUI What does the average John Doe have in common with 18-time Olympic gold medalist swimmer Michael Phelps? From a legal standpoint, the answer might be more than you'd expect—they're both: a.) human, and hence predisposed to ... more>>>

29 December 2014   Google News

Michael Phelps in tiny trunks and socks for photo with two brunettes - Daily Mail

Michael Phelps Instagram Pics: Christmas Fun After Rehab, DUI Arrest and ... more>>>

28 December 2014   Google News

Michael Phelps Jingle Balls - TMZ.com

Michael Phelps Goes Practically Naked to Pajama Party with Girlfriend Nicole ... more>>>

Michael Phelps

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