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Peaches Geldof Biography

Self-proclaimed Scientologist and American-based British run way star Peaches Geldof was originally named Peaches Honeyblossom Charlotte Angel Vanessa Geldof after her birth on March 13 1989 in London, England, U.K. Peaches was a celebrity child as she was born to television personality Paula Yates, now deceased, and film star Bob Geldof. She was very intelligent at school, always getting As and Bs so after primary school she got a position at the prestigious Queen's College in London where she majored in political history and art.

Her life as a child was nothing short of glamorous as she was popular in school went to high-profile parties and she had a circle of celebrity friends. Peaches was known for her late night outings and drinking sprees that started when she was barely a teenager. This life, together with the attention it brought was what made the young girl’s life interesting, in her late teens she pulled a stunt that saw her move in with a teenage man that she had quickly married after a short romance. The marriage strained Peaches’ relationship especially when she left home to live in her marital home, the couple’s stay together was short-lived as a few years later they filed for divorce.

Peaches’ career begun on television after she took up a project on U.Ks Sky One Channel in 2005 that would lead to ‘Peaches Geldof: Teenage Mind’, a show she hosted and who’s script she co-wrote. In the show she met with teens from all over the U.K and listened to their experiences and challenges of growing up in the country, this was a move by British media to open up the lives of teenagers and portray them as human beings in a tough stage of development rather than as spoilt individuals with lacking respect for elders. The project was so successful with U.K parents and it received high reviews form critics.

Following the success of her debut show, Sky One Channel asked Peaches to come back for another reality series called ‘Peaches Geldof: Teen America in 2006, a show that was also teen-oriented and focused on the age group mainly. She also has a show that is run by music group MTV, it premiered in 2008 under the title ‘Peaches: Disappear Here’.

Besides television Peaches has made a career in writing for established tabloids in the U.K, Australia and the U.S, some of her works include a column on Elle Girl UK between 2004 and 2005 as well as regular articles on Nylon Magazine, ES Magazine, Cleo Australia, The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian.

Peaches’ career has also led her to grace catwalks in 2007 from Paris, Italy, New York and London, and some of the fashion labels she has worked with are Dotti International, William Travilla, Hello! Magazine, Elle Magazine and Michelle Mone’s Ultimo Label.

She has earned her own right as one of Britain’s socialites through hard work instead of riding on her father’s popular name. Peaches has appeared on tabloids as one of the sexiest celebrities and her keen fashion sense has not missed the eyes of magazines, FHM Magazine gave her third place in their sexiest female stars list and in the same year she was one of the best dressed women in London.

Peaches Geldof

Star Facts

Date Of Birth

Birth Place
United Kingdom