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Elizabeth Taylor
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Seal Biography

The life story of Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel is one of a blessed and talented singer who used misfortunes that were set against him from the onset of his life to become a stronger man with a clearer understanding of himself through his music. Seal, as he is simply known was brought up in his birth town of Padington, London, England, UK after he was born on February 19 1963, his child hood was mostly mobile as he was switched from one foster home to the next and a few times he lived with his biological father, albeit an absentee figure in the youngsters life.

His string of difficulties begun with a separation of his birth parents who could not decide on whose responsibility it was to cater for young Seal so they abandoned him and sought lives away from him. Next came a disease that destroyed his facial skin and an attempt at a skin grafting procedure only left him worse than before. With no time and no one to support the wounded child Seal had to fend for himself in the streets of London, he was taken up by a pimp who used the unsuspecting child to promote his illegal sex trade. When the law came after the pimp he gave up young Seal to the police leading to a period behind bars.

The frightening experience led Seal to look for odd jobs at food courts and night clubs around London where he performed instead of dealing with the risky illegal business he had earlier been part of. A few stints with several music bands from 1989 to 1990 were followed by a debut self-titled album in 1991, Seal gained instant fame with hit singles like ‘Killer’ and ‘Future Love Paradise’. The album went straight to the top of UK Billboard charts and was immediately rated multi-platinum by the British Phonographic Association. A remake of the same album in 1994 brought songs like ‘Kiss From a Rose’ which was solely credited for an even greater success of the album compared to its predecessor. The album’s success went beyond the U.K and it topped music charts in the U.S.

He has since produced thirteen albums with a pop, RnB feel of music and they include Human Being, System, Soul Live, Soul, One Night to remember, Live in Paris and Seal IV. From his works he has produced other hit singles like ‘Crazy’ and ‘Prayer form a Dying Man’.

In 1995 Seal scooped the Best Video from a Film at the MTV Video Music Awards, the award was for his ‘Kiss From a Rose’ single that went on to feature on the popular Batman movie.

The star is known for his humility despite being one of the most successful artists in the industry and his commitment to his wife of ten years, Heidi Klum has made the couple one of the most admired and respected. They have three biological children together and an adopted child from the model’s previous relationship. The lives of the celebrity family are chronicled in a reality show titled ‘Love’s Divine’.

Seal is an accomplished guitar and bass guitar player.


Star Facts

Birth Name
Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel

Date Of Birth

Birth Place
United Kingdom